How to choose the material of the bathroom cabinet

There are many types of bathroom cabinets, American, European, etc. Let us analyze the material of the bathroom cabinet. Is it good quality of solid wood or PVC?

The solid wood bathroom cabinet refers to the cabinet made of solid wood which is dehydrated by distillation and processed through N-way waterproof treatment process. The countertop (or basin) can be made of glass, ceramics, stone and artificial stone, as well as the same material as the cabinet. It is characterized by natural, simple and elegant style, which can fully reflect the master’s grade and identity. The waterproofing process after the waterproofing process and the baking process is very good, but the biggest shortcoming of the solid wood cabinet is that if the environment is very dry (such as the air conditioning vent or itself is naturally dry), it is easy to dry, so the wet cotton rag should be applied during maintenance. Always wipe inside and out.

PVC bathroom cabinet means that the cabinet can be made according to the processing technology of wood board. The raw material of the cabinet is PVC crust foam board, and the countertop is similar to the solid wood. It is characterized by excellent waterproof performance, and the color gloss of the paint is bright and dazzling, suitable for fashion avant-garde consumers, but the PVC board will be deformed when subjected to gravity, and cannot be recovered after a long time, so the cabinet is generally subjected to The basin is not very large and has a small weight.

It can be seen that in fact, the two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some people like solid wood type because they are more retro style. Some people choose PVC type. Although they are similar to solid wood, they are easily damaged and not as good as solid wood.

In general, it depends on personal preference and decoration.