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LED illuminated Mirror

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Easy to find us for quick response with 24 hours online customer service and intimate customer service makes feel comfortable at home


Over 10 years experience of manufacture and export in bathroom field and own considerable expertise on quality management,we are so confident in the quality of our products we back every item with a long guarantee giving you peace of mind

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We are proud to offer a wide range of fantastic products at the best possible price. Always competitive, also ensure you our products some of the highest quality ,most affordable bathroom products on the market.

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Professional technical team provide you comprehensive technical support,always keen to follow design trends and stay up-to-date with technology


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DOVAU Bathrooms is a professional manufacturer and exporter to provide good quality bathroom products at competitive price. Our products includes an extensive range of bathroom vanity ,durable ceramics basin , artificial basin , mirror etc.

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  • 29 2020-06
    The procedure of ordering bathroom cabinets and others

    Q1: What is the procedure of ordering bathroom cabinets? A1: We are a team of professionals, ready to serve you from start to finish. There are just 6 simple steps: 1. Rough sketch Please kindly send us a rough sketch of your bathroom sizes(or floor plans of the project) by indicating the locations for doors & windows etc. Express your main ideas and we will help you to realize a dream bathroom cabinet that reflects your individuality and lifestyle. 2.  Material & Style Confirmation We help to explore your imagination with selections for colors, textures, profiles, and appliances. 3. Hardware Selection Fixtures like knobs pulls, and pull out accessories define your bathroom cabinet. We help you sort through our many options. 4. Design & Drawing We help you with important measurement, functionality and comfort details to make sure you have the best bathroom cabinet for your needs, our free 3D drawings, floor plan, elevations and materials…

  • 18 2020-06

    Please note that although these units have been designed to give years of pleasure and satisfaction,
    you will help maintain the original beauty of your bathroom by following these guide lines.

  • 27 2020-03
    Daily Clean And Maintenance of Ceramic Basin

    Ceramic washbasins have been used for a long time or have been accidentally stained. The cleaning of ceramic washbasins has become a priority. We will give a brief overview of ceramic washbasins’ cleaning and maintenance. Ceramic washbasin cleaning method: 1. Open the faucet of the washbasin and rinse the ceramic washbasin with water; 2. Wipe the dirty place with a towel after getting wet; 3. Dirt is difficult to remove, you can add some washing powder and then wipe it; 4. When cleaning, you can apply toothpaste to the dirt, or use white vinegar to decompose the dirt, and the decontamination effect is good; 5. If you don’t worry about leaving marks on the ceramic basin, you can wipe it with a screen ball; 6. Or buy decontamination powder to clean ceramic washbasins; 7. After the stain is cleaned, rinse it with water and wipe it with a dry towel….

  • 25 2020-03
    Recommend The bathroom equipped with This Design Will Be Simpler And More Luxury

    Regarding the bathroom, everyone usually installs a bathroom cabinet at the bottom of the sink for storage. But in fact, have you ever thought about it, what would happen to the bathroom without a bathroom cabinet? Let’s take a look at how some high-level bathrooms are designed, which not only cleverly solves the storage problem, but also makes the effect look more stylish and personalized.

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